IOT Internet of Things August 24, 2020 10:27:29 AM GMT+0000

Can a Smart City be Engineered?

The Internet of Things is going to play a huge part in the unveiling of the future of Melbourne. Infrastructures are going to be renovated and a lot of the city’s budget will go into that. Of course, only time will tell if this is a good idea or not. The higher ups of Melbourne seem to be in favor of it since a lot of money will go into it. Due to the Internet of Things being used in engineering, it will not take long for them to do it. If the IoT is not used, it may take them several decades.

What our favorite city Melbourne might look like in the future They are focused towards the future when they want to use green roofs. Yes, it means less energy will be used so that would benefit Melbourne locals since they won’t have to spend that much money for the monthly energy bill. Melbourne is known to be clean and the government will aim for that to happen even more in the future.

In fact, they would want nothing more than for more tourists to head over to the city with the hopes of increasing the economy. The Internet of Things will play a big role in that as the town halls and libraries have already been redone in order to make them a bit more green than what they are currently now. Some of the things they did were barely noticed but it is a sign that the leaders are pushing for change.

Safety Upgrade

It won’t be long before the safety of the city of Melbourne will be upgrade to something that most people will be confident about. In fact, the safety projects have already started and a lot of people have benefited from it. You need to give props to the people who are behind this as you know they work hard in order to\ benefit the citizens of Melbourne. There are times when they don’t get enough credit but they should get all the credit in the world. In fact, the security upgrade will happen to more areas of interest in Melbourne. They are all well worth the wait as it won’t be long before you get this ball rolling. In addition, they are also working on vertical greening which should have been done long time ago.

Smart Street Lighting

At night, pedestrians and drivers have a hard time seeing where they are going in Melbourne. Hence, you would not want them to have an accident. When the Internet of Things plays a huge part in the development of street lighting, not only will energy be conserved, there will also be a lot of safe policies. It is such a nice feeling to live in a city that wants to conserve the environment. Now, the involvement of the Internet of Things has never been bigger.. It won’t be long before it is going to go mainstream and you will wonder where in Melbourne you will be when that happens.